Frequently Asked Questions

We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash. We also accept a few  insurance plans so feel free to contact our office and inquire about more information.
We have partnered with Lending Club financing. It’s a wonderful financing program that offers a variety of options for repayment; up to 24 months with no APR.
We do our very best to accommodate all of our patients, both old and new. Some hours of the day tend to be more popular than others, so give us a call and we will get you in as soon as possible.
Yes we do. We create a take home kit for patients,  which includes custom made bleaching trays and whitening gel. The gel we use is Opalescence 35%. The starter kit includes 8 tubes of gel and a convenient carrying kit for travel.
Our office only does composite fillings which are as natural looking as you can get. We are amalgam (silver filling) free!
They are absolutely safe. If you are pregnant or nursing we do recommend checking with your doctor prior to coming to our office. Digital x-rays allow our doctor and hygienist to get a deeper look into what may or may not be going on with your oral care. Some issues are difficultto detect on the surface and the x-ray images allow us a deeper look so that Dr. Korotun may properly diagnose his patients.
The inlay/onlay is a tooth restoration usually made out of white material. It can be done in the office or sent out to the lab.
The difference between an inlay/only and a filling is that inlay/onlay’s are more durable and longer lasting restorations than fillings. Also, fillings are created directly in the mouth while inlay/onlay’s are made on the model produced by the impression of the patient’s teeth.
A root canal treatment is the procedure that allows the dentist to salvage a badly decayed tooth by removal of the pulp and eliminating the painful component. Usually those teeth are restored with the post and porcelain crown.
A crown is a restorative method to strengthen and preserve a badly weakened tooth. Sometimes the crowns are made for cosmetic purposes for which we have very sophisticated materials. They produce an excellent and natural look without compromising aesthetics and strength.
We recommend dental cleanings and checkups to be performed every six months to ensure proper oral hygiene, unless the patient has a condition that requires more frequent visits/observation.

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